About Free Chat Rooms

Welcome to Free Chat Rooms, a completely free and easy to use online chat service for people from all over the UK. No sign-up costs or membership fees are required. To access our warm, fun and friendly chat rooms you just need to decide on a unique username and the rest is up to you. So, if you are looking to speak with people from Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales, we have you covered. Although our chatrooms are aimed at people from those countries, we do welcome users from all over the world. So, you're unlikely to have a dull time here.

Free Chat Rooms Features

As noted above, our chat rooms are completely free and only require that you choose a username and password. As the usernames are given on a first name basis, you may find that the username you had in mind has already been taken. This is why we strongly recommend that you choose something that is uniquely you. Look at your username as being someone’s first introduction to you. All four of our chatrooms have the same features - there are mods (moderators) in each room. These individuals are identifiable by the ‘@’ beside their name. You can chat in the main rooms, privately and you also have the option to ignore users.

We recommend though that you only use ‘ignore’ as a last resort. We want everyone who uses one of our Free Chat Rooms to feel welcome. We do not tolerate abusive speech and intimidating or offensive behaviour. Our moderators have the power to remove and ban users from our rooms and network if they behave inappropriately. If you do make friends, you may want to converse with them in private. This is easy to do - you simply find their name in the user list, click on it and message them. Even if you have developed a friendship it is best to ask permission in the main chat room before you message them

Free Chat Rooms Tips

The first tip we would offer for any new chatters is that you familiarise yourself with the rules. Even if you've used online chat rooms before, we would still recommend it. Try not to run before you walk. Take your time and simply start by introducing yourself. Participate in main room discussions and just try to be friendly and polite to everyone. We all like a bit of banter, but when you are new and people aren't familiar with your sense of humour, they may think you are being offensive.

It's important to be cautious - even if you do make friends with people - that you don't let your guard down. We strongly advise you to avoid sharing anything too personal or sensitive with other users. So, whether you are looking to get to know people from the same part of the country as you or want to push the boat out a little and make friends with people from all over, you can do so here. Free Chat Rooms is the ideal place for people from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to congregate.