About England Chat

At Free Chat Rooms we have a number of region-specific free chat rooms and whether you are from England or anywhere else and looking to connect to English people, our England chat room is ideal. Although they are focused on English people, you will also find that they are frequented by other Brits and even some from further afield. All you need to do is choose an appropriate username and you are good to go. Find out more about our fun and completely free England chat rooms below.

England Chat Features

We've made it easy for anyone to come along and start chatting. After choosing to visit the free England chat room, you simply have to choose a username and then you are able to chat with people from up and down the country. Please note, though, that usernames are assigned on a first come, first served basis. It may be that you have to think outside the box a little when deciding on the best username if your original choice is already taken. Your username is a great way to give a first impression of who you are - and your personality.

After you've decided on a name and clicked to log on, you'll be taken to the chat room where you will find the names of the users currently chatting listed down the side and the conversations in the middle window. You may notice a user with an ‘@’ beside their name - they are a chat moderator. Their job is to make sure that our free online chat rooms are safe and fun places for all users. As well as monitoring the chat, they have the power to uphold the rules by removing and even banning users that fail to follow them. When you first arrive, it's usually best to start chatting in the main room, and only go to private once you build a rapport with someone.

England Chat Tips

Our free England chat room has been designed to be a free and easy place to hang out, but that does not mean we don't expect the rules to be followed. We kindly ask that all new users familiarise themselves with our rules and even if you have visited online chat elsewhere, we'd still recommend it. At England Chat violent, aggressive and threatening behaviour is prohibited. Anyone that is caught acting in any way that makes other users feel uncomfortable will be removed not just from this specific room but the network. The safety of our users is important, which is why we would also recommend that you avoid sharing personal details either in the main room or in private.

Free Chat Rooms and England Chat are meant to be places where you can have a nice and relaxing time getting to know new people. The best way to get started is by speaking in the main chat room and introducing yourself to the regulars there. Keep things polite and friendly even when you are chatting about subjects you are passionate about. If you want to chat to someone more directly, you can click on their username and send them a private message. We want all of our users to get on as best they can, but we know that often personalities clash, which is why the ‘ignore’ function is there.