About Ireland Chat

If you are Irish and looking for a place to meet other Irishmen and women, we have a great free chat room aimed at you, right here at Free Chat Rooms. While mainly directed at Irish people, we are happy to say that you are likely to meet people from all over the UK and even from overseas too. It's designed to be a fun and friendly place where people from all walks of life can chat, completely free of charge, make friends and have a laugh in a safe environment without leaving the comfort of their home.

Ireland Chat Features

At Free Chat Rooms we've made sure that all our free chat rooms are easy to access, including Ireland Chat. Before you get started you need to pick a username for yourself. You need to try and think of something unique to call yourself, as there's a good chance your actual name will be already taken. Once your username has been accepted and you log in, you'll be taken directly to the chat room. The main window is where all the chat is happening, while down the side of window you will find the names of all the people currently chatting.

In any of the rooms here at Free Chat Rooms you will notice users with an ‘@’ beside their name. The ‘@’ is there to identify those individuals as mods (moderators). They are there to ensure that Ireland Chat remains the warm, friendly and crucially, safe environment we want it to be. As part of their job, they will monitor the chat, field complaints, offer advice to users and remove and ban users when they don't stick to the rules. Initially, it's best to stick to chatting in the main room, until you get to know some people. Then you can chat to them directly through private chat.

Ireland Chat Tips

As we noted above, all of our chat rooms, including Ireland Chat, are supposed to be places people come to unwind and have a nice time. We do not tolerate antagonistic, aggressive or even intimidating behaviour from our users. If the moderators receive complaints about individuals acting inappropriately, they will be removed and possibly even banned from not just the room, but the network. We want our users to feel safe and to enjoy themselves. As safety is important, we urge users not to share too many personal and sensitive details about themselves, whether it's in the main chat room or in a private message with another user.

When you first arrive at Ireland Chat, stick to the main room, introduce yourself and get to know people. Avoid coming across as too excitable and try to get on with everyone as best you can. If you are discussing something a little private or sensitive, you may want to take that to private chat, which you can do by clicking on the person’s name and selecting ‘send a message’. Ultimately, we want our users to get along but know that is not always possible with so many different personalities, which is why the ‘ignore’ function exists.