About Scotland Chat

Scotland Chat is a free online chat room aimed at people from North of the border, where they can meet up with other interesting people and get to know each other. Although it's designed with Scottish people in mind, people from all over the UK are welcome here too and so too are people from other parts of the world. We've tried to make it as easy as possible to use, so that you can just get chatting and don't have to worry about anything else. So, if you're Scottish, or like Scottish people, we hope you make full use of our chat room.

Scotland Chat Features

As noted above, we have tried to make all our free chat rooms here at Free Chat Rooms easy to use. To get started on Scotland Chat, therefore, all you need to do is choose a unique username. All usernames are assigned on a first come basis, so it's possible that your own name could be already taken. Try to think of a username that describes you, or that has some significance to you. Once you have found an acceptable username and are able to log in, you will be redirected to the chatroom. The main window on the screen is the chat room, with a dialogue box to the bottom that enables you to chat.

All of the users that are currently logged on are listed down the side of the chat room. You'll notice users in our chat rooms with an ‘@’ beside their name. These are the moderators and they basically make sure the chat room is a safe and friendly place for everyone. As you'd expect, there are rules and those need to be followed. The moderator is the person that makes sure this is the case and has the power to remove and even ban users that break rules. If you want to continue to use our free online chat services here at Free Chat Rooms, it's important to become familiar with our rules and stick to them.

Scotland Chat Tips

We want all to feel welcome and that Scotland Chat is a safe environment, which is why we have a zero-tolerance approach to any forms of threatening, intimidating and abusive behaviour. Get involved with chats in the main room and introduce yourself to people. One of the worst things you can do is try too hard - to be funny or even friendly. Take a relaxed approach and show interest in people and don't be shy. If you strike up a rapport with someone, by all means use the private message function.

As the safety of our users is paramount, we can't highlight enough the importance of following safe practices when chatting. Even if you strike up a friendship with someone, we would advise against you sending any important or sensitive information to them. Remember, if any user or users are making you feel uncomfortable you can speak to a mod. However, we also offer a common chat function for situations like that - the ‘ignore’ button. Although we would suggest you only use it as a last resort, you should use it rather than continuing any interactions with someone you don't like. Above all else, please have fun and relax.