About Wales Chat

Whether you are from the North or the South, East or the West, if you’re Welsh and looking for a place to meet other Welsh people, then you've come to the right place. Free Chat Rooms cater for people from all around the country and Wales Chat is specifically aimed at the Welsh. You'll be able to meet people from all walks of life in a nice, friendly and completely free environment. We have even ensured that it is as easy as possible to use and doesn't require much more than a username from you to allow you access. As well as Welsh people, you may meet some English, Irish and Scottish people too.

Wales Chat Features

To gain access to our chat services, you just need to enter a username. Although your first name is a great place to start, it may already be taken as names are approved and assigned on a first come basis. Try and choose something unique. Once you have a name you will be directed to the Wales chat room, where you will find all the users currently chatting listed down the side of the chat window. The users with an ‘@’ beside their name are the mods, or moderators, and are the people who ensure the chat room is a safe and friendly place for all. Initially, you should stick to chatting in the main room until you get to know some people.

Initially, you should stick to chatting in the main room until you get to know some people. When you do strike up a rapport or friendship with someone, or wish to take a discussion you were having in the main room to private, you can do so. Simply find their name in the user list and click it to select the ‘send a message’ option. We always hope that everyone will get along like a house on fire, but know that isn't always possible and that personalities clash. As a last resort, rather than bickering and arguing, you can use the ‘ignore’ function to block another user's activity.

Wales Chat Tips

To get the best out of your time at Free Chat Rooms and Wales Chat, you need to be as friendly and polite as you'd expect from others. We have a zero-tolerance attitude towards all forms of threatening and inappropriate behaviour. If this is your first time visiting a chatroom, you need to follow the basic safe use practices, such as not sharing sensitive or personal information with other users. Even if you have a friendship of sorts through chat, it is better to be on the safe side and keep some things to yourself.

Familiarise yourself with the rules, to ensure that you do not break any inadvertently. If, as noted earlier, you do strike up a rapport with another user and want to continue your chat in private, be sure to ask permission before you message them. Not only is it a standard rule for most chatrooms, it's plain good manners. More than anything, try to have a nice and chilled time